split or tear apart violently.



Since 2013 Rive has left its its mark with theatre productions that span from ambitious new writing to UK premieres of international work . Rive is currently working in collaboration with the Michael Grandage Company, Arts Council England and has previously been supported by Unity Theatre, SA/UK and Room One.

We work closely with a team of collaborators including Movement Director Jane Gibson (Cheek by Jowl, Royal Opera House), Set and Costume Designer Louie Whitmore (English National Opera, The Barbican), Playwright Isley Lynn (The Bush, The Bunker) and many more to create form pushing theatre. 


RIVE was founded by producer Zoe Robinson, director and writer Oliver Dawe and actor Michael Edwards.


We are always on the look out for new and exciting projects and to work with a wide range of artists , so please get in touch! 



on tour

Horse Country

By C.J. Hopkins


Two clowns shoot the breeze, drinking bourbon and playing cards. While hunting the elusive nine of diamonds, they casually dissect capitalism, sea-lions, western culture, fishing, genocide, you know… stuff like that.

Sam and Bob are not so much waiting for Godot, nor are they waiting for the audience to keep up. Their window on the world is one of menace, hilarity, disappointment and improbability, all delivered with a magnificent high-octane comic brio.

Anarchic and surreal, this delightful and confusing satire surprises and provokes in spades… or the nine of diamonds…

★★★★★ A profound yet hilarious interchange between two of the most brilliant idiots one has the pleasure of being forced to watch - New York Herald

★★★★★ - The Scotsman


Michael Edwards

Daniel Llewelyn-Williams


Director | Mark Bell

in development

We are working with Anthony Horowitx to develop his novel The Devil and His Boy for young audiences. 


The Devil and his Boy

By Anthony Horowitz

Adapted by Oliver Dawe

R&D Workshop

25 Oct-3 Nov 2017

Cast for R&D:

Theo St Claire

Orlando James

Michael Edwards

Lizzie Clarke

Jim Hooper

Mimi Ndweni

Mathew Wernham

Creative for R&D:

Director | Oliver Dawe

Movement Director| Jane Gibson


Past Productions


The Moor

By Catherine Lucie

February - March 2018

On the moor, nothing is what it seems. Things go missing. Things seem...different.

Bronagh has lived right at the heart of the moor for as long as she can remember. But recently she has started having the same dream over and over again - with the voices and the whispering. Is it trying to tell her something?

When a boy vanishes, Bronagh has to tell someone what she suspects, entangling herself and her boyfriend in a murder investigation. But how can anyone find the truth when the ground keeps shifting?


The Moor is a tense psychological thriller, part domestic tale, part folk tale, that pits Bronagh against her own past and present, dragging her, her baby daughter and those closest to them into something deeper than the marsh on the moor. 


Director | Blythe Stewart

Designer | Holly Pigott

Lighting Designer | Jamie Platt

Sound Designer | Anna Clock

Print Design & Photography | Richard Lakos

Skin a Cat

by Isley Lynn

July 2016

SKIN A CAT follows Alana on an awkward sexual odyssey with a kaleidoscope of off-kilter characters: from getting her first period at nine years old and freaking out her frantic mother, to watching bad porn at a house party with her best friend’s boyfriend, to a painful examination by an overly cheery gynaecologist – all in the pursuit of losing her virginity and finally becoming a woman, whatever that means…

★★★★★ "the smartest, sharpest piece about female sexual identity since Phoebe Waller Bridge’s Fleabag” – The Stage

★★★★★ - Broadway Baby

★★★★★ - Female Arts


Lydia Larson

Jessica Clark
Jassa Ahluwalia


Director | Blythe Stewart

Set and Costume Designer | Holly Pigott

Lighting Designer | Harrison Routledge

Print Design & Photography | Richard Lakos


by Jessica Siân

May - June 2015

Yolandi is listening to rap-rave music and helping her brother bust parts from her teacher’s car. Thandi is swotting for her exams and keeping well away from any distractions.

In the stifling heat, two teenagers collide. Downing Klipdrift brandy, they create an alliance away from everything else. But scars take time to heal and, as the thunder threatens to strike, the real world crashes in.

★★★★ “Klippies’ is a well-crafted snapshot – a delicate look at burgeoning youth and the burden of history.” Time Out

★★★★ “conjuring a sense of aridity, of blasted grass and sleepy, booze-laced and sunwashed afternoons” The Stage

★★★★ “a vibrant, incisive 75 minutes… Klippies packs a hit that burns on the way down… all in one finely packaged and impactful bit of theatre.” The Public Reviews


Adelayo Adedayo

Samantha Colley


Director | Chelsea Walker

Set and Costume Designer | Holly Pigott

Lighting Designer | Jamie Platt

Sound Designer | Ella Wahlström

Movement Director | Diane Alison-Mitchell

Fight Director | Pamela Donald

Dialect Coach | Mary Howland

Assistant Director | Fay Lomas

The Dog the Night and the Knife

by Marius Von Mayenburg

Sept - Oct 2014

A hot August night. M finds himself at the dead end of a dark and deserted street, where everything has decayed and time has stopped. Hurled into a nightmare world, where wolves prowl, hunger is everywhere, and nothing is quite what it seems, M does the only logical thing: he runs. The Dog, The Night and The Knife is a darkly funny and absurd play by critically acclaimed German playwright, Marius von Mayenburg.

“Darkly atmospheric this Dog growls with tension” The Stage

★★★★★ “By turns sinister, provocative and hilarious… Mayenburg’s play feels electric and as sharp as a well-maintained kitchen knife.”The Public Reviews

“if you just fancy a dark comedy to escape the norm, then it’s definitely worth booking a ticket.” A Younger Theatre



Michael Edwards

Beth Park

Stephen Ventura


Director | Oliver Dawe

Set and Costume Design | Louie Whitemore

Movement Director | Jane Gibson

Lighting Design | Jason Taylor

Sound Design | Helen Skiera

Photography | Richard Lakos

Image Design / Branding | Oslo Oslo

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